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Welcome to Project Red.

Our Mission

  • Facilitate access to free, biodegradable menstrual products to the students, staff, and faculty at The University of Georgia. 

  • Cultivate open discussions about menstrual health and period poverty. 

  • Boost student engagement in class by reducing the concern of a natural bodily function, making education a priority. 

  • Set an example for academic institutions across the Southeast.

Project Red was formed in May of 2020 on the note of redefining menstrual equity at The University of Georgia (UGA). Period poverty has impacted the lives of billions of people and continues to do so in this moment. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the need for  menstrual products or any other basic necessities for students, staff, and faculty. Furthermore, BIPOC were and are disproportionally hurt by the pandemic. A survey ran from July 2020 and August 2020 quantified that 54.63% of students reported that lack of accessibility to menstrual products had impacted their academic life. In addition, 38.04% reported that acquiring menstrual products has been a burden for them.* In order to address this concern, we launched a pilot program in two UGA all-gender bathrooms. We have expanded our program to 5 campus locations** With enough support, we hope for full integration of the program by the University. 

*More statistics and details about our research can be found under "Data". 

**Specific details about the five locations of the dispensers can be found under "Locations". 

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